JYYNW Corp. is managed by highly specialized professionals with extensive financial, project development and construction experience. The firm specializes in renewable energy, energy conservation and energy management.

The solar team provides engineering, procurement and construction services throughout NJ & NY.

Why Solar?

· Solar power is used to offset your current electric consumption from your local utility provider.

· Solar is less expensive than the cost of traditional electricity in many states.

· Homeowners and commercial property & business owners save money immediately.

· Since 2001, the average retail price of electricity has increased 35% while the average cost of solar has fallen by more than 60%.

Solar is As Simple As 1,2,3

1) Solar panels are typically installed on the roof.

2) The direct current (DC) electricity from the solar panel is sent to an inverter where is converted into standard alternating current (AC) electricity used in a home and building.

3) The utility meter continuously measures your electricity supply. For every kilowatt hour(KWH) you produce, you save money.

Commercial and Residential

JYYNW Corp. provides alternative energy solutions for both commercial and residential applications. We welcome the opportunity to service all that are sincere in their desire to go green and save money. No system is too big or too small to save money.

Top Rated Equipment

JYYNW Corp. offers the highest and most efficient photovoltaic (PV or solar electric) panels, the best quality inverters, and direct hands on professional installation as we are licensed electrical contractors. We have experience designing and installing solar electric generating systems.

Professional Installation

JYYNW Corp. is comprised of solar PV Designers, licensed electricians and professional roofers with combined experience in professional services. We maintain the proper working insurance policies, and adhere to all local building codes and regulations.


JYYNW Corp. financing team has decades of experience in providing financial solutions for business and property owners. We work with leading renewable energy financing banks and sources to offer the proper financing vehicle for your solar electric system.

PACE Financing Program

PACE is government financing policy that classifies energy-saving upgrades as a public benefit.

Service and Warranty

All of our solar panels have an industry standard limited efficiency warranty of 25 years. The solar panels have a life to last over 40 years. We only choose the best technology for our inverters as they are the heart of the system. The standard warranty of our inverters is 10 years. Extended warranties are available for purchase. All of our workmanship is warranted for 5 years. Although little to no service is required on most PV installations and equipment, service contracts are available for all of our installations.

An exprienced professional, JYYNW Corp. helps customers invest in quality energy solutions.
We have identified the new generation of lighting.

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